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Article: Only dancing by Fleur Eysberg

Only dancing by Fleur Eysberg - The New Chapter Store

Only dancing by Fleur Eysberg

Only dancing


In the family of Fleur and Randy you can be whoever you want to be and become. They don't think in boxes and have a free spirit. Their home is a warm nest where everyone is welcome. Their life consists of having fun with a 'go with the flow' mentality. Music is central to this.


According to Fleur, expressing emotions is extremely important and she often used this as a child. She sang all day long. Randy is also very musical and is a DJ by profession. They also want to pass this on to their two children, June and Mint. June is a very cheerful boy and a real pacesetter. He is always singing or dancing, not crazy with such parents. Mint is also a very happy kid. 'Music connects us. When we get up in the morning, the music is first turned on. We dance to let energy flow in our body. It provides the right mindset to face your day optimistically and that works well for our family.'


They hope that when June and Mint are bigger, many friends will come over to enjoy our go with the flow lifestyle. And that they feel at home with us because they can be who they are.


"Let me see your true colors because that is why we love you!"


The 'go with the flow' mentality is also reflected in the collection. Just not too difficult, all colors match and all sets can be combined. Especially the two core values positivity and comfort are reflected in her collection. The positive and cheerful music notes in the prints and the comfort in the fit of the styles.


When choosing fabrics, 'easy going' was the starting point for Fleur. You must be able to easily make sets, the fabrics must be timeless and of good quality so that you can continue to wear the items.


Her favorite item from the only dancing collection is by far the fringe sweater in the color buttercream. This item had to be in her chapter. Her second favorite is the set in the happy notes all-over print. The color is nice and warm for the fall. A color that will look beautiful on every child.


From the first design to the launch of the collection, there is a time frame of approximately one year. The highlight for Fleur was the moment when she got hold of the first sample after all the input and different phases. ''That was an entrance and I'm so happy with this opportunity. Tastes like more!''



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