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"We launch a new 'chapter' 8 times a year. The development of these collections is always in collaboration with mothers throughout the country who want to share their unique and inspiring story with us.

We are looking for mothers who have their own vision of what is good for their child and who also have their own style.

The New Chapter, where creativity meets unique stories. Do you want to become our new partner? The New Chapter is inspired by stories from parents, just like you. We create a hand-painted print based on your unique story, mood board and color palette. This print is the starting point for your own collection, a new chapter.

During this process we involve you in all steps and developments, from the mood board to the moment it is in stores.

We look for all our mothers through social media because they often show their own creativity there.

We would therefore love it if you shared the process with your community. Are you excited yet?

Tell us more about yourself and your family below. We can't wait to get to know you!"