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Article: Farmlife by Anouk Reitsma

Farmlife by Anouk Reitsma - The New Chapter Store

Farmlife by Anouk Reitsma

Anouk lives with her husband Kevin and her two children Jaap (3) and Wim (7 months) in Haarlem. This creative couple ran into each other during their Advertising studies at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. The two love a Burgundian lifestyle, have a vegetable garden with beautiful vegetables and a balcony full of strawberries. Good cook Kevin knows what to do with this! While watching their favorite programs 'Farmer seeks wife', 'We're almost there' and 'I'm leaving', they fantasize about their own farm with pigs, chickens and goats.


On her Instagram @huishoudinhaarlem, Anouk gives her followers an insight into her own household of Jan Steen. She describes it as 'a great chaos, often a mess but above all very cozy!'. She shows this by sharing pure photos and uses them as a starting point “Instagram vs. Reality'. She always shares two photos: the perfect picture and real life.


Besides running her busy household, this mom is a real fashion lover. She loves to dress her kids in the style that fits her life. For example, little Jaap often wears peasant caps and checked trousers combined with modern, colorful sweaters. Comfort is key and it should be possible to get dirty. Styling the house and the kids is Anouk's passion. She describes her style as eclectic: classic elements combined with modern.


In terms of upbringing, Kevin and Anouk are not always strict, but secretly they like 'not too good children'. Their oldest descendant Jaap walked already at 10 months and had zero anxiety. They describe him as 'Such a typical child who has to play outside a lot, preferably on a harness haha. Jaap lies down in puddles when it rains, drives down mountains at 100 km per hour with his balance bike prefer to eat only apple pie with speckles. He lies under cars to pet cats, prefers to walk all day in his nakie and as he says himself: "he's a bit funny." I hope his little brother becomes just as funny because Kevin and I can really enjoy that. Jaap & Wim, sounds like a golden duo!


Of course, as a mother it is sometimes necessary to cry, if your child is a crazy madman and has zero fear, but if he then says in the evening: "Mommy, you can't leave, because then I miss you so much!" then everything is fine again!

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