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Article: Happy mess by Anique

Happy mess by Anique - The New Chapter Store

Happy mess by Anique

A house full of men and yet pink in abundance. Two things are structurally present in the house of Anique, her husband Arthur and their three children Kees, Toon and Teus. The first thing is color, lots of color. There is always a beautiful vase of flowers on the table, the tiles in the kitchen are pink, as is the staircase. There is no longer a white wall in the house and curtains in a cheerful color hang in every bedroom. The love of color has also spread to the boys. For example, Kees loves blue and Toon shouts several times a day 'red is my favorite color and pink, just like your mama'. The pink/blue theme is also reflected in her work as a midwife.


In addition to a lot of color, there is also a lot of clutter or rather an organized chaos. 'Of course as a mother I try to organize this and keep it tidy, but that is impossible with 3 young children and a man who does not have this on his list of priorities either' And that is actually nice. Color makes me happy, my children play and make a mess. I am a happy mother in my happy mess'.


Her style can be described as colorful and playful. She likes when children's clothes are really 'kinds'. Nice prints and cheerful colors, that is what you will find in these cabinets from this family. The busy prints from the collection also reflect family life with three boys. It is busy, a lot of noise but often we all walk with a big smile. The happy faces that you also see in one of the prints.


Her favorite items from the Happy Mess collective are the printed pants and the aubergine colored sweater. Perfect for the fall.


Her highlight of the process with The New Chapter is seeing the entire collection along with the other three moms who also have a chapter this season. Then it all got real.

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