Step-by-step plan sustainability

In order to reduce our footprint on this beautiful planet, we work in the most sustainable way possible throughout the chain. We value not only the perfect picture, but also the bigger picture. That is why we design our garments with sustainable materials, taking into account the developments in the world as well as the growth of children. In this way, our (unisex) clothes can also be of significance in a next chapter, such as a new season, year of life or the birth of a second or third child.

We want to be as transparent as possible by sharing our sustainable goals for the future. We challenge ourselves to become more sustainable by focusing on improving the entire supply chain. This includes the production process, the conditions in the factories, the materials, the packaging and CO2 emissions.

To be even more transparent, we will add QR codes in 2023
Add the hangtags of our products with which you can see exactly where the product comes from. To achieve our goals, we have created a step-by-step plan with small and realistic milestones.

Who makes our clothes?

By visiting our manufacturers annually, we ensure that they operate according to the standards and values of our brand. Our collections are produced in Turkey, Bangladesh and China.

The factory employees work for a fair salary and healthy conditions. We try to work with the same manufacturers as much and for as long as possible in order to build a pleasant, long-term relationship.

In 2022 we received a GOTS certificate. This is a
international recognized standard for biological materials. Our goal for 2023 is for one of our largest manufacturers to also receive the GOTS certificate. This way we can guarantee that the environment is burdened as little as possible and that production takes place in an environmentally friendly and responsible environment.


Part of our collection is made of CmiA cotton. Cotton made in Africa is an internationally recognized standard for sustainable cotton from Africa.

Since 2015, this organization has been committed to protecting the environment and improving the working and living environment of small farmers. The other part of our collection is made of organic cotton.

This is a better alternative and is processed according to strict rules of organic farming. This means, among other things, that no chemicals or other substances have been used that could harm the environment or people. In 2024 we want to upgrade the quality of our cotton and ensure that 95% of our cotton products are made from organic cotton.

Packaging and transport

In 2023 we want to use recycled cardboard for our hangtags, which are currently made from standard cardboard. We currently use recycled plastic shipping bags for the packaging of our webshop orders. These bags can be reused as a plant pot, gift packaging and can be used immediately as a return bag by means of an extra dot.

In our office we also try to do our part by separating our waste.

In 2023 we want to do even more by starting to offset our CO2 emissions. In 2024, we aim to offset our full CO2 emissions released when shipping our orders. This money goes to a project that fits very well with The New Chapter.

The New Chapter


To take you on our green adventure, we will share a fun sustainability challenge every month that helps you to live a more sustainable life.

We also organize an online exchange event where mothers can send a bag with worn clothes from their children to another mother. This mother also collects a bag with old clothes so that an exchange chain is formed.
Let’s do it all together. On to a greener chapter and a greener future!