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Article: Summer Stroll by Whitney Sheffler

Summer Stroll by Whitney Sheffler - The New Chapter Store

Summer Stroll by Whitney Sheffler

Summer is loading and chapter Summer Stroll is finally there!

Chapter Summer Stroll is inspired by Whitney's story. We'd love to tell you a little more!

Whitney lives with her husband Kooshin and son Yoonis in Amsterdam-Noord. From the moment she knew she was pregnant, Whitney loved walking more! Enjoy strolling through the city looking for something tasty to eat or drink. This often ended with her favorite drink to go: a delicious bubble tea!

Even after the birth of little Yoonis, this family can often be found outside. They love being outside, discovering new parks and seeing different neighborhoods in the Amsterdam area. Yoonis loves to look around outside and discover everything: the leaves on the trees, the roofs of the houses or the sound of the birds. He thinks it's all fantastic.

Oh and another fun fact about Yoonis! Whales are really his thing! Can you find it in this collection?

The items from Chapter Summer Stroll fit perfectly into Whitney's interior. Soft basic colors such as beige and mint combined with blue and pink. The collection consists of various cool items for a playful look. Stretchy denim items, nice t-shirts and a nice terry cloth in a cool blue color. Or do you opt for the crazy denim mint color suit? And... don't forget the bubble tea ;).

You can shop the items from chapter Summer Stroll for your mini from March 9!

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