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Eight times a year, we release a ‘New Chapter’. The development of our chapters is in always in collaboration with families across the country. Families who want to share their unique and inspiring story with us and have a vision of what is good for their children, as well as stylish.

The New Chapter, where creativity and good stories meet. Ready to become a partner? 

Our partner program

The New chapter is inspired by stories of real parents, just like you.

Based on your unique story, moodboard and colorcard, we create a hand-painted print.

This hand-painted print will be the start of your own collection, a new chapter. Along the way we show you how it works to develop a collection. From the very first start till the moment it will hit the shelves in the shops.

As we found each other online, we suppose you are a social media creative in your own way! We love to see you sharing this process as well with your own community. Have you become curious already? Scroll down and tell us more about yourself and your family. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Become a partner

Become a partner