OUR story

The New chapter is inspired by stories of real parents, just like you. Made for children, to be a child. Created for every new chapter, big or small.

Bringing a new life into the world is probably your most significant milestone. After all, as a parent (to be), you are at the beginning of a new chapter. The pages are still blank, but will quickly fill with moments that will stay with you forever. From their first laugh, to their first steps or their first day of school. It is a colourful palette of first times and each step in the development of your child forms a first sentence, a page, a new chapter of your own story.

The New Chapter collects unique stories from inspiring parents and translates them into hand-painted prints. Each print is unique and symbolizes the typical story of a family that other parents can identify with. These prints shine through all our collections, or chapters, consisting of different garments. Although each chapter tells one specific story, our collections have something in common. The refined colours and contemporary style with a  Nordic touch make our products suitable for all children from 0 to 4 years old.

“With an eye for detail and a sense of style, we create sustainable apparel”